Center and Balance Meditation



The Center and Balance Meditation is the basic exercise for developing a relationship with your own body as well as with the cosmic energies of Heaven and Earth. It asks you to be present in the now, in your body and not in your head. It has four stages.

  1. Start with the Three Regulations: Steady breath, relaxed mind, Wu Ji posture (feet shoulder width, shoulders relaxed, tailbone tucked, Crown Point rising).
  1. Focus your attention on the front of your forehead in between the eyebrows. Imagine warm oil melting down the front of your body covering everything in its path. Feel this oil absorbing impurities, leaving your cells clean and vibrant. Once the oil reaches your feet feel it run off and down deep into the ground.
  1. Now focus on the back of your head. Imagine smooth, warm oil flowing down the whole backside of your body. Feel as much in the back as you did in the front. Feel this warm oil cover and cleanse every cell and tissue of your body, again flowing off your feet, then deep into the earth.
  1. Next focus attention on the top of the head, what is called the Crown Point (GV20) in Chinese medicine. Connect with your higher power. Imagine a white light from heaven entering through the Crown Point and flowing down through the body, cleansing all the internal organs. Imagine the white light permeating every tissue inside your body. Imagine it going through your head, down your spine, through your abdomen, down your legs and deep into the ground.
  1. Imagine that your feet melt into the earth, leaving you standing in a sea of liquid energy about the height of your ankles.
  1. Imagine roots growing from the centers of bottoms of your feet, what are called the Bubbling Well points in Chinese medicine (K1). These roots connect deep into the earth, twice the height of the body. This will give you a strong connection with both Heaven and Earth.
  1. Inhale, imagining energy from the earth going up the roots, up through your legs, expanding into your Lower Dan Tian. Then, exhale and imagine the energy going back down into the ground. Repeat this over and over, filling up the entire lower abdomen, then releasing the energy down into the earth.
  1. End by spreading both arms to the side, raising them up over your head, and then bringing them down in front, finally resting your palms on top of each other on your lower abdomen.

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