Tossing a Stone

Tossing a Stone is one of the three Body Awakening Exercises.

  • Begin by assuming the Wu Ji posture, and remembering the Three Regulations.
  • Pull Down the Heavens three times.
  • From Wu Ji posture, lift your arms out to the side until they are shoulder height, palms down (“T” position). Inhale.
  • As you exhale, turn your upper torso to one side and swing the opposite arm, palm up, as though tossing a stone, while the other arm swings behind you.
  • Inhale as you return to the “T” position.
  • As you exhale, repeat on the other side. In other words, if you turn to the right, your left arm will swing in front and to the right as though tossing a stone, while your right arm will swing behind you.
  • Repeat in a continuous rhythm, synchronized with your breathing, first one side then the other. Do this 3-9 times on each side.
  • End by Pulling Down the Heavens three times.

Here is a short video clip to describe Tossing a Stone:

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